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Thorium Studios


Within Whispers is a narrative driven consequential adventure game series developed by Thorium Studios for the PC.

There are whispers in silence, in breathing, in dreaming, in death. They are crawling forth, barely recognizable, hidden, unheeded; birthing intent, neglected by most, disregarded by many. Not by all.

Within guns and smiles, whispers form which few can catch. The rest, deaf to depths of others, hear nothing but noise, screeching noise, buzzing busy, passing them by like green eyed flies, rushing to someone else’s honey. But all the pots are empty. All the spoons are bent. And flies are dead, but fly. There will be sweets for their teeth.

It comes a time when dreamcatchers are dreamless with no dreams to catch; clinging to their frame of hope with their unraveling strings, holding tightly so they would bleed if they only could. But nothing lasts forever. Someone is ought to fix them one day.

Time is both slow and fast, with no time for time’s sake. It slips and builds towers, obstructing ways and filling pockets with sand, weighing down the boots with daggers in them. Birds can’t fly there, fish can’t swim. But they can grow wings and fins, bursting through collapsing castles of wasted time and go forth. They are fearless and beautiful. They are you and me, dreaming; longing for their freedoms. Never granted, but fought for.

There is life in war and war in life. Where warriors and worriers alike dance their dance on the remnants of the world. Together, hand in hand, waiting for everything to end.
And she is there. She can hear. She can see. She can whisper back.


Are you still here? She is and she is yours, living stories her brother had told, playing cards with devils, besting bears and bullets, teaching ghosts how to walk, talk, feel, love. There. One by one, step by step, growing strong, running fast.

Whispers Within tells the story of will, strength, endurance, hope and love.
It follows a sister in search of her brother lost in the Great war.
It follows a medic, helping both the living and the dead.
It follows a girl who falls in love.
It follows a story, not yet told.

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  • Exceptional narrative driven point-and-click adventure
  • Unique art style
  • Emotional and moving storyline


  • You’ll want more instalments (is this really a con?)
  • Maybe you’ll shed a tear or two