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Привіт Київ!


Recently we visited beautiful Ukrainian’s capital Kyiv! And we had a pretty good reason to do that, we were at Casual Connect conference, for the first time as developers who were showcasing their game!

As always, preparation period was quite hectic! Since we are now experienced studio, with number of projects behind our back, we needed to decide what we’ll present at Casual Connect and which project will have main focus in Kyiv. And the perfect choice for us was to showcase our biggest project in development, our baby (yes, we call it like that), Within Whispers! Yes, that’s it, we want to present our game, our unique adventure – but we don’t have a build of the game or demo of some sort, we still have more than 6 months of development… We knew what that means – we needed to roll up our sleeves and make one!


Do we have everything that we need for this? Energy drinks? Checked… Big amounts of coffee? Checked… Food, sweets and chips? Checked… So, let the games begin!

Level design is in full swing, but still, we don’t have anything that could be presented as a working demo. Luckily, we have talented and passionate people in our studio that can make it happen. After two weeks or hard work, we finally made it, we have a demo! Unfortunately, didn’t had the time to prepare it for Indie Prize contest, but still… This is pretty awesome what we made!

Now we need to create some promo material. Ok, that’s easy-peasy. Me talking to our artist: “Marko, we need something really cool for our roll-up banner, for Casual Connect!”. Marko: “You’ll have in two days…”. And he said it very calmly and soothing, just what we needed to hear (us who were trying to book flights, meetings, vacancy… and were losing our hair in the past couple of days). And the outcome was awesome, have a look:

But, our brochures didn’t come the way we wanted, from the printing office. We needed to cut them all out in the way they were supposed to be. Oh, well… Ok, night before our flight to Kyiv we had everything, is this really happening?

Landing in Kyiv. Such a beautiful city, was our first impression! Air bnb accommodation – we got an upgrade (our original booking had some plumbing issues so the landlord gave us a second one). Everything was going in our favor so far! And, seems like that luck never wore off in Ukraine! 3 days of conference, 3 days of constant interest for our game! We had a bunch of meetings, a lot of people approached to us wanting to play the game and to hear a bit more about Within Whispers, and we met a lot of interesting and creative people from the industry! We’ve also seen a bunch of interesting games from other developers and we are wishing them all the best with those! Special kudos to our friends from Belgrade with their VR Train simulator and friends from Sarajevo with their Enchanted Worlds game (they won Indie Prize for best game design, bravo guys!).

We came back from Kyiv a bit tired but our hearts were full of impressions! So many positive and kind words of support and feedback received that this will keep us motivated for a long time!

Everything is coming back to normal, we got some rest, Kyiv and Casual Connect were super cool but we need to go back to work. Demo was super fun to create, however, we need to finish the game. Especially since the people are loving it so much… But, we’ll let you be the judge of that after we release it! We sure do hope that you’ll love it! Now, back to our drawing boards, mails and lines of code, we need to finish the game! Until our next dev blog post, have fun and enjoy in video games!

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