Casual Connect Kyiv

Recently we visited the beautiful Kiev. We attended the Casual Connect conference as a developer for the first time and, better yet, we were showcasing our game. As we landed in Kiev, we had time to take in the sights like the Botanical Garden, The Golden Gate, Maidan etc. After which we returned to our hotel and started prepping for the big day. The conference blew us away! Getting the opportunity to see the event from the other side was an overwhelming experience, bolstered by the people’s interest in what we had to offer. We were approached by a plethora of people, interested in both the development process as much as the story itself. Likewise, we had a chance to consult other developers about their approach to game dev and compare notes. One game that really caught our eye was “Enchanted Worlds” by a neighboring company AI Interactive. We also had the opportunity to congratulate our colleagues from Belgrade for winning the Indie Prize for the best game design. We came back from Kiev exhausted yet inspired. The onslaught of fresh ideas coupled with so much feedback for our own project opened up new horizons and, more importantly, revitalized our love for what we do best.
That’s all the time we have folks, the game won’t finish itself.

Until next time,
Thorium Studios

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