Within Whispers!

We have kept this undisclosed for a while now (well, not in total secrecy but more to ourselves). And, now is the moment to make it public here as well (but if you are following us on Facebook, you already know this). We are proudly presenting to you our newest project: Within Whispers!


What is Within Whispers?

Within Whispers is a narrative based, 3D point-and-click adventure with combination of interactive novella’s. As a player you’ll be able to dive into the character of a young woman named Aska, who is dealing with her brother’s disappearance on the battlefront of the Great war. As she is trapped in the horrors of war, Aska will begin her journey of endurance, will persistence, somewhat paranormal but most of all – she will embark on a journey of love and hope!


We are currently working on first episode that will hold a title Within Whispers: The Fall, first instalment out of four (how we initially imagined that this franchise will have). Each episode will have its own distinct setting and storyline, although each title will be unified by a larger arc and shaped into one whole story. The game has 3D surrounding, as well as characters, that are done in a “comic book art style”. You’ll be able to see the paradox of beautiful countryside of Eastern Europe along with terrible devastations that war brings. With a unique combination of themes that are intertwined, this game will make a rare experience colored with deepest emotions. Your progress will entirely depend on your in-game behavior and choices that you make throughout the game.

Also, number of obstacles and tasks that players will have to overcome in order to complete various objectives and will have to pay attention to details because, even though this first instalment can be played as a single game experience, the entire game story is unified and some stories will make more sense in future game episodes.

Within Whispers is a certain kind of homage to the Great war and series debut The Fall will be released next April, April of 2018 – a whole century since first World War, so follow us on Steam for announcements, teasers and new screenshots. By doing that you’ll help us to build up a community and help us to deliver everything as we imagined.


We feel that this is enough for now, we don’t want to reveal too much. We want to tease and intrigue you a little bit.


That’s not all… Since we created Within Whispers Steam page,  the word spread around and we received pretty positive feedback from friends and friends of our friends. And, to hear that – was more than delightful! We even received some media coverage, something that we weren’t hoping at all! At first, friends from VideoGame Arena, Serbian gaming portal and group of video game aficionados wrote an article about our game and presented us in the best way possible. In  hat article, you can read everything. But to give you a small head’s up – article is written on Serbian, but google translate can help a bit if you would like to read it.  After that, guys from PlayZIne, Serbian video game portal and group of journalists, did something that we just could have hoped for! They presented Thorium studios – us, in the best possible manner. We even got 2 pages in their October issue! And then something amazing happened, people from Adventure Gamers, yes the Adventure Gamers, saw our Steam page and reached out to us! They wrote this sweet announcement piece about us, and what can we say…


This really is amazing for us, we could be more excited and thankful to all of them! We are hoping that this is just a start!

Hope you find this blog post interesting and thank you dear reader for taking your time and going through all of this! Now, we must return to our game and make it awesome!

Have a nice day,

Thorium Studios

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