Hello world!

For starters, we want to welcome you on our new and freshly redesigned website! We felt that our new story, passion and plans deserved to have a new „suite“ so we’ve made this one and we hope that you liked it so far!

In this section, we will regularly keep you posted about our latest projects, newest team’s adventures (business and non business related), give you some exclusive sneak peeks, share something from our social media stuff or someone from our crew will write an article or two about certain topic that will, most likely, be gaming related because we sure do love our games!

Now to tell you bit more about us. Thorium Studios is a game development studio, based in northern part of Serbia. Charming city, located on the riverside of Danube with rich and beautiful history. Even thou it’s not too big of a city (it has around 400.000 residents), Novi Sad is very fruitfull area, sort of speaking. One of the biggest European music festivals is held here, on our magnificiant fortress, and (now the interesting part) Novi Sad is considered as the gaming capital of Serbia, and certainly is one of the biggest players in this region! And we are very proud about that !

Our team consists of 20 people. 20 very interesting people. As a pretty young team (average age of entire team is around 27 years) we have more than 60 years of experience combined working as game developers and other industry related jobs and opportunities!

One thing brought us all toghether, and that is love towards video games! We wanted to create something new, something fresh, and give our tribute to this whole story called game development. As you probably saw our portfolio, we have experience with developing mobile games (iOS and Android) and PC games. We have 2 major PC projects in development. One of them is narrative based point-and-click adventure and the second one is Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game. But we will talk more about that when the time is right and those titles deserve their own blog posts. Love towards games is what keeps us motivated, makes us go one step further, so we want to welcome you and tell you to bear with us because you’ll defenitively love our work! There will be something for everyone, from super casual mobile games to mid-core desktop titles!

To wrap it up, dear reader thank you so much for taking your time, reading this and getting familiar with us and our story. Be part of us, our adventure and we will do our best to make you beleive in our motto which is – Expanding Reallity!


Yours truly,


Thorium Studios

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