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Welcome to our freshly redesigned website! In this section, you can find information about the history of our company.
Who are we? Thorium Studios is a game development studio, based in Novi Sad in Serbia. There was only six of us in a small office in 2016. Now we’re a rising developer and publisher in the city and with 20+ people at Thorium Studios we are continually bringing in fresh faces and new ideas into the mix. What we do? We create, no, we live and breathe video games. We have experience in developing mobile games (IOS and Android) and PC games. There will be something for everyone, depending what you are in for – Point & Click Adventure, Hidden Object Puzzle or maybe a Free To Play experience. Why do we do it?
Simple, really. It’s because we believe in our motto – Expanding Reality! We want to create something new and interesting to make our modest contribution to gaming. We want to share our passion with as many people as possible. One thing brought us all together, and that is our love for video games! It keeps us motivated, makes us go one step further. We want to welcome you and hope you will appreciate what we have in store! The best is yet to come.



Thorium Studios

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